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I Am Under Your Spell22.10.2021

I Am Under Your Spell

under someone's spell Fascinated or influenced by someone, as in I think he has our daughter under his spell. This idiom derives from the literal meaning of spell, .

 · The symptoms of being under a spell are often manifested after someone unleashes evil and negativity upon you. Sometimes, you may be a victim of witchcraft, by your own friends, neighbors or people who by envy want to see you ruined, or even killed.

Answer (1 of 22): You can feel it, especially in the home but it follows you to work wherever you go. It’s almost like a sense of dread. You feel good happy positive but you feel like Thts being sucked away—as if someone is taking your energy. In the home- it’s like a strong invisible negative.

 · Posted . Time and again women allude to the mystical aspects of the pathological they are involved with. They describe it as "being under his spell.

Baby, I’m under your spell. [Verse 1] I was knocked out and loaded in the naked night. When my last dream exploded, I noticed your light. Baby, oh what a story I could tell. It’s been nice.

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