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Attack on the Belladonna Household Battle of Haven Five years before the episode "Black and White", Ghira was once the High Leader of the White Fang up until choosing to step down in order to become Chieftain of Menagerie.

Ghira Belladonna is a major character in the animated web series RWBY he is the Chieftain of Menagerie, the Husband to Kali Belladonna and father of Blake Belladonna and was the first high leader of the White Fang before stepping down from his position in .

 · As for the issue of trust, a man’s ghira is not a show of lack of trust. Rather, it is often to protect his wife or sister from being in a tempting or compromising situation. We should not have too much trust in ourselves and think that we will never fall into sin.

 · GHIRA IS A DISPLAY OF RAGE IN THE FACE OF LOGICAL ARGUMENT. Spread the term around, keep an eye out for it, and call it out when you see it. It starts here BLACK GHIRA.

There is none, who has a greater sense of Ghira (self-respect) than Allah, so He has forbidden that His slave commits illegal sexual intercourse or His slave girl .

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